2 Yr Anniversary

Due to our anniversary being on December 30, we decided to celebrate a month later. We enjoyed a very romantic date. It started with a horse drawn sleigh ride up at the Homestead in Midway and was followed with a phenomenal dinner at Christopher’s Prime Steakhouse. We ordered the best meatloaf you will very taste, a incredible truffle pasta, and then were treated to tantalizing creme-brulee. We are so excited for another year ahead of us.


Bait Fishing. shh, it’s a secret.

As avid fly fishermen it is hard to say that we caught these beauties along with a handful of others on good ol’ fashion bait. It was a lot of fun to have Dan back home from New Mexico.

(November 26, 2011 Nick, Dan, Dave)

Thanksgiving Experiment

deep-fried turkey or homeless?

deep-frying Turkey or Homeless? (2011) Dan, Dave, and Melissa.

Thanksgiving was full of new experiences this year. We had our first deep fried turkey ever, and it was a hit. Dave was definitely was a visionary when he was initiated operation deep-fried. Can’t wait for it again next year.

This year has been wonderful for the Nielsens. We have a lot to be grateful for!

Lake Powell 2011

The Nielsens: Brad, Rosie, Dan, Dave, Mckell, Nick, Emily, and Melissa.

Lake Powell was a lot of fun having the family all together. The water was really cold but the sun was nice and warm. Being with the Neff Family was a lot of fun.

Can’t wait for the next Powell adventure.